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Wellness Visits/ School Physicals Specialist

Wilmington Community Clinic

Primary Care Practice & Family Practice located in Wilmington, CA

Well child checkups and sports physicals help to make sure that your child is developing and healthy enough to participate in sports. At Wilmington Community Clinic, our doctors can help Wilmington and Los Angeles, California area parents and children by providing these important exams.

Wellness Visits/School Physicals Q&A

What is a well-child checkup?

A well-child checkup is done to evaluate the growth and health of your child. These exams are very important during the preliminary stages of development. During a well-child checkup, a complete physical exam will be a large part of it. Physicals help to keep any problems from going undiagnosed. The doctor will record your child's weight, height, and head circumference in addition to other metrics as he or she is developing. Hearing and vision may also be assessed during these exams. These checkups are necessary for healthy children as well because they can help the child with learning how to maintain his or her health throughout life and important screenings are performed here.

What are sports exams?

Wilmington Community Clinic offers physical exams for younger kids and teens who are looking to join a competitive sport or activity. During these sports physical, the doctors look for several symptoms and conditions in order to determine whether the child or teen is or will be eligible to participate in the physical activity. The doctors at Wilmington Community Clinic provide in-office exams in a one-to- one environment and are also able to make trips to the school, youth group, or church sponsoring the sports team to offer a physical to all prospective team members. Below are some of the conditions that our doctors can check for during this efficient and thorough evaluation:

  • Height and weight
  • Posture/Motor Behavior
  • Skin
  • Sight and hearing
  • Blood Pressure
  • General Appearance
  • Nutritional Status
  • Nose, throat, and mouth
  • Teeth
  • Neck
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Abdomen

What is the difference between an annual exam and a sports physical?  

An annual physical exam monitors the growth and health of a child or adolescent. The doctor will perform several tests and checks to obtain the child’s progress. The sports physical specifically monitors the youth’s health and physical condition in relation to a specific sport that they want to participate in. This helps to ensure that he or she is fit and capable in participating. Many of the tests will be similar between the two exams. For more information or to schedule an exam, please contact the office.

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