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Mental Health Specialist

Wilmington Community Clinic

Primary Care Practice & Family Practice located in Wilmington, CA

If you are feeling down or not quite yourself and you’ve tried to feel better on your own, there could be something beneath the surface affecting your mental and emotional health. Patients in the Wilmington and Los Angeles, California area can visit Wilmington Community Clinic to get the help they need.

Mental Health Q&A

Why is emotional and mental health important?

Mental and emotional health are crucial to everyone’s health. Positive mental health makes it possible for people to accomplish their goals, cope with stresses, work successfully, and make important contributions to the community. Early childhood experiences can have long-term, measurable effects throughout life and promoting mental well-being during every stage of development and throughout adult life helps to build and maintain the groundwork for optimal health and wellbeing. Anxiety, mood, and impulse control conditions can make a person more likely to be involved in risky behaviors such as drug use and unprotected sex, partner and family violence, and several other chronic or acute conditions like obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and sexually transmitted infections.

How can I manage stress?

The first step is determining what is making you so stressed. Ask yourself, “When does most of my stress occur and under what circumstances?” Some triggers are easy to narrow down such as job pressures or financial difficulties. Some daily hassles, including commuting or being overcommitted at work, can also produce stress. In addition, remember that even positive events can cause stress such as weddings and the arrival of a new baby. Once you have determined what is triggering your stress, start to think about methods for dealing with it. To begin, think about what part of the stress can actually be controlled. Many people will benefit from daily practices which reduce stress including deep breathing techniques, massage, tai chi, acupuncture, and/or yoga. The clinic can also recommend treatment if it is determined that a mental health condition is behind the stress such as anxiety.

When should I go to the doctor?

If you’ve made consistent efforts to improve your emotional and mental health and you still don’t feel you’re best, seek professional assistance at the clinic. Since people are so very socially acclimated, working with a knowledgeable, caring professional can motivate a person to do things for him or herself that can’t be done alone. Call today to set up an appointment with the clinic.

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